"Halfway around the world…

…Lies the one thing that you want
Don’t know what your made of
Til the one thing that you want
To come in with the dawn and suddenly changes”


They nailed it; this summarizes my expedition entirely. I traveled my ‘halfway around the world’ to be and to do the things I always knew I wanted. By the time I actually left for the city, the only thing driving me there was that it had become a verbal commandment in my life scene; everyone knew that to be my identity. And the craziest thing? I knew just about the time that the plane landed in that city over a year ago that I would leave it.

What’s best is that I had little idea of what was about to happen to me. I was far too engulfed in dealing with a frozen bank account, lost luggage (interview suit and interviews pending), and feeling like a sausage sharing LL’s twin bed (with her still in it) for three weeks in a dorm room. The city has a way of trying to purge people who can’t make the cut, I’ve decided. And it certainly doesn’t go easy on those from the Midwest.

So I was that girl, in black & white at a Starbucks, paying for wi-fi by the minute, shooting out emails and resumes to any potential investor….and silently screeching when I realized I’d copied company A’s CV in the email I just sent to company B. I guess these are the ‘rookie’ mistakes that can take you off an industry map…which they very well may have.

Bryan bought me tickets to The Fray four months ago. It finally came- as a marker of freedom- and I listened to the lyrics from a different perspective (well-slept, unabused….you know, the healthy kind). Standing in the pit, giant ceiling fans above, men in sequin jackets, and fashionable girls running around everywhere in gladiator sandals made me realize why I really do love Dallas.

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