The Registry

I’ve never met a man with more opinions about housewares than my own. In my daydreaming, I always imagined my future spouse walking down aisles of merchandise politely agreeing with my every selection. ‘Oh, you’re good at that stuff, honey, you have a great eye,’ is what I expected to hear. These are the things you imagine, you accept, and you practically make reality. These are also things that you never have the chance to ‘test out’ or experience before it is actually happening. When, in my time in New York, would Bryan have had the opportunity to disagree with my bedding, suggest less traditional dish ware, or insist that I absolutely have to have this high-tech coffee machine when I don’t even drink the beverage? He didn’t. He does now.

First on the list: Williams Sonoma & Pottery Barn. This is my self-made error. Never take a man with an eye for expensive registry items to either of these two locales. They are loaded with land mines–ice cream scoopers for $22, mixing bowls for $180, and pots and pans that can total $2,280 if you want the ‘full’ set. He left wanting to register for the couch set, dining room table and chairs, and a bed frame. These items are out of any of my guests’ budgets, I ask who in the world wouldn’t find this offensive. Luring him into Bed, Bath, & Beyond the next weekend was about as enticing as watching someone mow the grass. Now, we have since ‘leveled’ and agreed that we must include a range of merchandise…and his opinion about the joint scaled upwards quickly after realizing that they carry some of the same brands and certainly the coffee-maker he wanted.
Tomorrow is Saturday–Registry day. It has taken about six warm-ups, lots of internet researching, and hours planning our ‘scanning strategy.’ This will not, however, remedy our differences in taste on some key items. Take, plates, for instance. I guess I never considered anything but a white, ivory, or considerably neutral plate. I have argued this in many ways–the food looks better, they are always seasonably appropriate, and in thirty years they will still be relevant. Bryan’s selections for plate ware scream ‘Mexican Fiesta’ to me. They are hand-painted, multi-colored, and very very specific. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love colorful plates–maybe as a serving dish, maybe as something to serve my guacamole in. But as I stood there, trying to imagine serving pasta on a dish like this…or worse, chinese food, I can’t find the resolve. So I will get up again in the morning, fight my hardest against technicolor mixing bowls, recycled glasses with multi-color rims, and those gosh-forsaken plates. I have to remind myself that, really, they are just plates.
For all those brides who wish their fiance would be ‘more involved’ in the wedding planning…consider the possibilities of all the ways you never saw your home looking. At the end of the day, I’m glad I have a man on his own two feet–but I might not be on mine after we assemble our new melting-pot of a ‘home.’

One thought on “The Registry

  1. I never knew my husband would have so many opinions until I started to plan our wedding. He didn't want to have a reception in a hotel ball room because that's where school dances are. And he didn't want a Buffet because that was not fancy. (We had a fancy Buffet). I didn't dare tell him that I planed to wear purple shoes and a gold dress (it was ivory with a gold shimmer) because that might have freaked him out too much.


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