The good old ‘Cuff Trick’

I am, by nature, a prank fanatic. I love seeing what people are really made of in certain situations.

The handcuffing incident started out like a million other attempted ideas I’ve had where I somehow

convince another person that this will be a great idea & we join in on this great bandwagon of practical jokes.

My sophomore year of college, my roommates and I were awaiting a visitor…a male coming over to say hi…of whom I barely knew at that point but my roommates all were familiar with already. It was pretty late in the evening, as evidenced by our pajamas. I had this great idea (and this is always how it starts) to handcuff myself with a dinky pair I had been given as a miscellaneous hand-me-down from an old sorority party. I thought that it would be funny to come running out of my room in handcuffs when our visitor arrived and freak him out. Why was I handcuffed? Was everything okay? What a weird thing to witness..this is what I had intended it to be. So I armored myself with these bad boys about twenty minutes or so before he was supposed to come over. We were all laughing and thinking of ways I could run out and trip (in my pajamas, in handcuffs), etc. I attempted to use the key to ‘free’ myself just to test it out and the inevitable happened. Of course they were stuck. So what did I do? I panicked, pulled my arms away from each other violently, causing the cuffs to make this shape: () . This narrowed in on my wrists pretty tightly and caused more pandemonium. Soon, I started having some circulation issues. I pushed it in harder thinking it would snap back in place, but it only worsened my situation. The whole fiasco culminated with one of my interior design major roommates using her metal cutters to literally pry them off.

Needless to say, I had been beaten by my own game…the ultimate backfire. There were still a few minutes remaining before our visitor arrived, and I managed to scheme something up. One of my roommates’ boyfriends had been over visiting, and he agreed to go along with my ploy. We set him up in the living room with dim lighting, sat him backwards in a chair, and put in one of my other (free-spirited) roommates’ Carmen Electra strip/workout routine DVD’s. The rest of us girls waited quietly upstairs in a covey where we could watch what was about to happen. Sure enough, our visitor gently pushed open the door to walk in as instructed, only to find another dude sitting by himself watching a Carmen Electra workout video. It can only get awkward from there. I heard my roommates boyfriend welcome him in and say ‘hey, I was just watching some tv, come on in.’ Our visitor politely asked if I was home, and we all started laughing hysterically from upstairs. I’m sure he never forgot our warm welcome. But hey, it could have been worse. I could have had my actual handcuffing crisis when he arrived.

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