Football Season

Hey, I’m a fan. I show up to the games, sport my purple, get a beverage, and usually make it about halfway…or until I’ve said hello and caught up with everyone I haven’t seen in ages. But that’s about to change. I’m marrying a TCU Football Letterman in seven months and I have recently been initiated into the scene that is a weekly ritual for these boys (and the women that grace their arms week in and week out). Please note that this photo is from way back in the day…before I even knew Bryan…I was already pretending to be a fan:)

I was recently invited to a September wedding, one that happens to be on the evening of a TCU game…not a home game, an away game. So I had to send an RSVP without my fiance included in the head count until we found out when the game would actually air. Earlier this week, Bryan offered up that it didn’t actually matter when the game was and that he’d love to go with me regardless. Thinking this was such a thoughtful move, I was really excited that he was prioritizing ‘my’ event. He left an hour or so later and I got online, only to find that the game time had just been posted for early afternoon on the day of the wedding. Coincidence? I know better than that…but these are the shenanigans that are expected when you mix love and football. My dream once was to have a September wedding…hah! Perhaps I should have considered marrying a professional dancer or a less ‘manly’ man who liked to watch Bravo reruns with me?

So I tried on a million purple shirts before finally settling on the most lifeless piece of fabric. Everything TCU I owned is now stitched into a quilt thanks to my mother:) Whatever I sported, I hoped it would be nice relief from the usual ‘I-shouldn’t-be-wearing-these-short-shorts-but-man-they-look-good-with-my-high-heeled-boots’ scene. I threw on my kicks, and I got ready to meet ‘all the guys’ that Bryan had played with. I got a wristband, ate my way through the unlimited $10 Letterman BBQ and Diet ‘Cola’s,’ and pretended not to be sweating uncomfortably.I asked to go to the restroom before kickoff, waited in line with about fifty other girls in relative state-of-minds, and left the restroom with a broken zipper (what are the odds) in the tightest pants I own. They went down, alright, just didn’t return back up. I decided that the zipper most likely broke from the pants being so tight, but the BBQ didn’t help and the rest of the evening was just short of a peep show. I stopped by the dip n’ dots stand on my way back from the restroom and got the look from Bryan that said, ‘you would.’ I proceeded to make the evening severely awkward by accidentally asking a friend if they had seen another friend that I was looking for…only I didn’t think it through very well and realized my untimely request in that I had been asking them to help me locate the person who had nearly ruined their life by stealing/cheating with their significant other. That ended with a swift ‘goodbye.’

So here’s to my first home game of the season. I’m telling you, football brings out all the best luck that I have. Go Frogs!

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