Get the Pictures

How to ruin your engagement pictures before you take them:

1. Experiment with facial waxing on the day-of the photographs, then insist to experiment on your partner.
2. Try your hardest to pick the best day for the best weather–one in which turns out to be 95 degrees. Then wear all black.
3. Buy a dress at least one dress size smaller than you really are. Give yourself about a month to ‘fit’ into it. Recognize about halfway through that it isn’t a weight loss issue, it’s a rib cage issue. Adam & Eve, round two anyone?
4. Try to bleach your teeth with Crest Whitestripes in the two week leading up to the photographs so you drool because of your tooth sensitivity. Also, make sure it’s so poignant it affects your sleep because you can’t even have the fan blowing on them.
5. When it’s high allergy season, definitely schedule your shoot amongst the weeds and pollen. And be sure to wear extra lotion so the bugs will find you out. Teach your partner the word ‘chigger’ in the process.
6. Wear neon lip color that suddenly becomes a problem when it won’t come off your partners lips. Realize that you should have bought Chanel brand.
7. Make sure you take shots where your mother will ask if it’s really you…because apparently you don’t look like that everyday.
Despite the odds, Miss Dixie did a fabulous job and I just had to share the (journey & experience) of what we were up against 🙂

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