Wedding Day Shape

This is exactly what I needed to hear. I am so glad that I’ve been reminded, in the middle of eating an entire tube of Tollhouse cookie dough (some in the form of cookies, some in the form of dough), that I ought to consider my body image for the wedding’s sake. What a disservice to my guests if I let a little pudge show!

This notification I received clearly isn’t taking into account that I get fitted for my wedding gown in 8 days. That in 8 days, I seal the fate of the silhouette of a gown that will be crystalized in my closet for decades. That regardless of any fluctuation in my figure between now and April, I won’t have time to return for oodles of fittings–for women to admire the waist size I’ve dropped and how seriously I’ve been taking my wedding day…And even more, since my gown is lace and silk, this surely isn’t something to be reconfigured on a whim. We call this ‘what’s done is done.’
Size 2? Probably not. Either way, it will look stunning with a ‘stole.’

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