GaGa Oh La La

Yesterday was my first ‘real’ makeup trial with a professional. Though fabulous I’m sure at makeup art, I didn’t exactly leave feeling bridal. Perhaps there was a miscommunication, but either way, the primary feedback I received was:

“You look like Lady Gaga” –Dino
“You look like a doll” –Mom
Holiday red lips. Bright pink cheeks. It doesn’t matter that the eyes were probably gorgeous, and when covering the majority of my face with my hands in the mirror, I was able to see ‘myself’ and didn’t mind the eyes. I went out on a limb and attempted false eyelashes- ouch. And I don’t even want to talk about the allergic reaction I had to the makeup on my eyes that caused great difficulty in makeup removal. One eyelash was on there pretty good- safely ‘stuck’ to my real lashes. After about fifteen minutes of vaseline and hot water, I managed to salvage what was left of my natural hair.
This was nearly as fatal as the time I used the ‘cheap’ eyelash curlers–whereby the rubber inset unknowingly fell out and as I clenched the metal on metal, sliced the outer half of my eyelashes completely off. Let me tell you, the re-growth process for eyelashes is a lot longer than you’d think when you don’t have any! My dad tells me that’s what I get for messing around with Mother Nature.

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