Crappy Christmas House

I know it’s almost been a month since Christmas, but I’ve been hanging onto these photos for five years. Notoriously known around town as the ‘Crappy Christmas House,’ I finally revisited the stomping grounds (located somewhere off of a street named ‘Falmouth’ in Kansas) about a month ago.

As I pulled up to the home this last year, touting all about this crazy and obscure home, I realized it has become quite the attraction. Making the local news for disrupting neighbors, installing five different ‘do not park here’ signs alongside the curb, and about fifty people standing in the front yard to get ‘close-up shots’ mean this house has officially ‘blown up.’
What gets me is that it’s a moderate neighborhood…one in which I would assume that if the owner has enough money to pipe into this bad boy year in and year out through electricity bills–they might relocate to better property? You can hear the generators like a hair dryer in your ear. The whole shebang is in motion-including a creepy Christmas tree and sketchy monkeys. And yes- that’s the inside of their garage! You can even walk up to the front door and stare in at about 35 twenty inch dolls adhered to the wall that are waving back and forth.
As we left the scene this year, I passed a school bus full of kids being dropped off to see the exhibit. What I want to know is where they store this stuff in the off-season? If this doesn’t yell ‘Santa, stop here!’ I don’t know what will.
Just thought I’d throw out a few holiday lighting ideas for you to keep in mind before next season…

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