Scene: Harlem, NYC….Summer of 2007…3 a.m.

Pre-filming incidents include: Massive street party with a lot of hip-hop music, grinding like you wouldn’t believe. Men picking women up and putting them on top of cars, proceeding to dance inappropriately for minutes at a time. There is a scurry; something has happened between the interplay of men and women in the street. It quickly divides into two camps. One man runs to the garbage, pulls out a glass bottle and shatters it against the side of the trash can, resulting in his new jagged-edged weapon. Another man tears his shirt off (?) Two men rush each other and start into a pretty serious brawl. After both groups are trying to reconcile the two, they pull back. The justification from the crowd? “He’s from the same block, bro!!! He’s from the same block!”
If only all arguments could end this simply….


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