I’ve Fallen & I Can’t Get Up

Now, usually I’m not one to go off on a rant about any injustices in America, but I have to give you a window into my recent journey to hellth insurance problems.

Like many who have gone before me, I am not working full-time anywhere. I am working two part-time jobs, meaning I fend for myself on anything involving benefits or insurance. I didn’t foresee this being any major giant since I’m 24, a runner, and ridiculously healthy (minus the sugar coma’s). Turns out I have been spanked by the system. Last October, I decided the air in Texas was getting to me and I went to visit an allergist who prescribed me an inhaler and some daily pills that would help keep the nastiness out of airways. Boy, if I had known then what I know now…I would have thrown the prescription back in his face and ran like the devil to the nearest Walgreen’s for a cheap substitute.
I applied for an independent plan through one of the nations’ largest carriers, only to find out that I had to have multiple phone interviews. Weird. It’s not a job interview and I’m not a 70 year old smoker, so I wasn’t sure where this came from. Looking back, the interviewers were so deceptively kind, I fell into their comfortable and ‘honest’ trap. During a particular quiz about the usage of my inhaler, I responded that I use it as needed. If I could erase this moment in time, I would. Apparently the prescription called for ‘two puffs twice daily.’ I received a frank letter stating that I wasn’t taking my medicine as prescribed, was a liability, and was therefore denied. I now have a permanent mark on my record.
On to provider #2. I was asked more questions that included conditions I’ve never heard of. At one point, I was asked if I had down syndrome. After bantering back and forth, I finally started answering those questions with ‘I think you would know that by now.’
“No I don’t have implants, yes I’ve had an embarrassing surgery- you don’t know how to spell it? No viagra, no, no no.”
Voila! They can cover me–as long as they don’t cover any medication I’m on now or any future allergy visits. That would all be fine and dandy if it weren’t going to cost me $600/month. That cost= rent in my head. I threatened to stop taking the medication altogether; the agent notified me that it would be the worst thing to do and that I would be even greater a liability for abusing my prescriptions.
In the middle of my fluster with figuring out what I’m supposed to do, I went through the Walgreen’s drive through to get the only constant prescription in my life–something that is imperative for wedding-onward, only to find out that the manufacturer has discontinued the product. Awesome. You healthcare nightmare! You are trying to ruin my finances, send my hormones on a roller coaster, and force me write a letter to El Presidente.
It was suggested that I consider shopping for my drugs and ordering them from Canada. At least the Canadians can ‘puff’ twice a day for less than $219.

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