Revision to Valentines 2010

After posting about Valentines, it came to my attention that I didn’t give this Valentines enough of a good run as a contestant in my series of freaky February 14th’s.

Somewhere in my sleepy stupor I didn’t seem to get the romantic story straight. Here is what Bryan reminded me of that I seem to have misplaced in my memory of Sunday evening:
I thought we were going out to dinner and was told to get dressed and ready by 5:30. I came out of my room to find the lights dim with candles and flowers. Amazing! I decided to kick off my heels (ladylike move #1) and sit on the couch. He was heating up the dinner and gave me a glass of champagne in a plastic TCU cup since we don’t have any glassware (ladylike move #2). I was hungry and the food took about 45 minutes longer than expected. I subsisted on champagne for that 45 minutes and found myself…tired.
By the time he set out the gourmet meal of filets, twice baked potatoes, rolls, roasted vegetables, creme brulee, and chocolate covered strawberries, I was ravishing. As Bryan says, I didn’t wait for anyone. I had finished my entire meal before he had eaten half of his (ladylike move #3). Bryan refers to this incident as me ‘heffing’ down my food. I then took both my champagne and water glasses and retreated to the couch, leaving him to finish his meal in the dim lights (ladylike move #4). About fifteen minutes later, as he was still eating, I made my way to the freezer and ate a ream of Thin Mints. That’s right–like 22 or however many comes in a ream. I was a sloth (ladylike move #5). Shortly after, I went to bed.
He has now taken to making comments when I am eating that include, ‘heff it like a Thin Mint.’

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