The week before my wedding

Now, contrary to my previous post about all my worst fears that didn’t happen…I have a serious of posts to outline what actually did happen. Throughout the course of my 11 month engagement, I experienced more camera-worthy moments than I can describe, and many that I won’t ever be able to publicly. From the broken china (and later crystal), to the bare-shoulder issue, premarital counseling oddities, and people (multiple) calling to express their disapproval about not being in the wedding…I thought I’d seen it all. Turns out it wasn’t over:
Wednesday (4/21): I go to get my hair cut/done. It has to be re-done. While there, I receive eight phone calls. The first? My travel agent just ‘letting me know’ that there has been a huge error in our honeymoon itinerary and our second flight is departing before our first arrives. No solution, just a complimentary notification. The fourth? The florist. The recent volcano just halted all peony shipments out of Holland; my bouquet and centerpieces will now be a ‘surprise.’ Later that day I find out my poor photographer has had a death in the family and needs new flights–now coming in on the day of the wedding. I cry.
Thursday (4/22): I have developed a large blemish on the bridge of my nose from a pair of cheap sunglasses I brought to Vegas. I decide to get a bikini wax and threw my armpits in for kicks. This was fatal (as mentioned in the last post). Let’s just say as this was occurring, I kept thinking, ‘I will never do this again in my entire life.’ I had no idea my butt cheek muscles could twitch like that–and I have no idea why that was the area most reactive. Then later, I decided there were a few missed areas that A) never see the light of day and B) were barely reachable with my hands. A cheap razor and a side-slip resulted in bleeding from my ane for over an hour. That is something you cannot band-aid.

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