A Rough Start

What happens next is a 24 trip to maniacal hades (also known as our attempted voyage to Mexico).

We showed up at the airport about two hours before takeoff, one of us half-bathed, the other with a nappy ponytail. We see that we are sharing our flight (connection through DFW) with a large group of wedding guests who are very eager to chat with us–something we were certainly looking forward to doing on our honeymoon. It doesn’t take long to discover there’s a delay- and then another. When the last delay is posted because the plane experienced a mechanical failure, it becomes very clear that we will not be making our connecting flight to Cancun. I am very angry and begin calling the travel agents/sister companies/whoever can possibly help us. A handful of friends and family were on the flight that had originally been departing after us, but ended up leaving before us due to our delays. They offered up their seats but AA refused to help us out (I’m remembering a previous post I wrote about my readiness to become unnerved by AA). So we literally watched our only shot at making it take off.
When we do finally leave for DFW three hours after the scheduled time, I can’t help but acknowledge the irony. We are ‘stuck’ in Dallas for an evening while they try to get us out the next day. We are also about 45 minutes away from my apartment. One set of wedding guests on the plane live close to the airport, and decided it wouldn’t be right for us to go all the way back just to turn back around in the am. They insist we stay with them and we are too weary to brainstorm other more (honeymoon appropriate) options. But first, we have to collect our baggage. No big deal, right? Mine is hot pink faux-suede, and the least they could do is get me my luggage for the night. Four and a half hours. Four and a half hours later of running downstairs, then upstairs, then ‘so-and-so will help you’, then ‘I submitted a claim for them,’ then ‘We can’t find them,’ then ‘we found them,’ then ‘now they’ve lost them off-site,’ and then ‘just wait,’ and I had had it. I bawled like Lucille Ball at the front desk and didn’t care who saw. This was a nightmare. They chastised me for not carrying my medicine and necessary items with me on the plane. I chastised back. This was my one and only wedding/honeymoon–should I apologize to you, really, for forgetting to pack a 7th bag of junk? And yes, I most certainly did need my medicine now more than ever.
At this point, we were forced to wait until they located the bags because they had misplaced them somewhere after initially finding them. I knew I couldn’t leave on an International flight without a bag, so we stuck it out. At approximately 9:30 pm, we took a cab to our guests’ home, where they had barbeque waiting for us. We stayed in the ‘Presidential suite/wing’ of the home that was simply breathtaking…but not enough to distract us from the hilarity of the situation. We showed up the next day for our flight, I left my phone in the back of our guests car, and our flight was delayed two hours, but the bottom line is that we made it to Mexico.

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