Best Captions Ever

Look hard at this photo I took on our honeymoon. I will give you a hint: she is from Europe. See below for proposed captions….

“El Dorado Royale: Don’t feed the animals”

“El Dorado Royale: Where the drinks are strong”
“El Dorado Royale: Leave your worries behind”
“El Dorado Royale: If you forget something, you can find (almost) anything at the gift shop”
“El Dorado Royale: A scenic paradise much like the Appalachians”
“El Dorado Royale: We provide aloe vera for those closest to you”
“El Dorado Royale: You won’t know which way is up or down”
“El Dorado Royale: Where gravity and tequila meet”
“El Dorado Royale: No underwires allowed”
“El Dorado Royale: A test for the new husband”

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