Only in Kansas

A relative of mine recently shared this clip from his encounter at the local Van Wall John Deere. He had taken the lawn mower into the dealer for service. A weld had broken, which really should never happen.

The manager says, in front of a dozen people consisting of both customers and employees, “D***, if John Deere didn’t have 12 year old Chinese girls trying to run welding machines, we wouldn’t be dealing with this!”
Only in Kansas.
The theory of people in service-oriented industries cursing in front of customers always perplexes me. Like today, when I stopped by Einstein Bagels to grab a quick bite. I was the only person in line and by my loitering stature, I was (for once) in no hurry to expedite my counter encounter. Taking her punch card and swiping it vigorously to open up the register, the cashier yelled the Lord’s name in vain (plus a few extra expletives). After attempting to run it through nearly eight more times, I intervened to assure her that I was in no hurry. She paused, smiled, and they said, “How has your Sunday been?”
Welcome to Texas.

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