The beak that won’t stop & other at-home treasures

Reflections on working from home as I prepare to bid it adieu… I have a few things to share with those of you who might consider making your domain into a pop-up cubicle:

  • If you own a bird, it will blow your cover. Many a professional phone call has been rudely interrupted by a squawking frenzy, in-flight madness, or a mating ritual. I have tripped a handful of times desperately trying to grab my computer and run to the only other room. At times, outside has been the most desirable option.
  • If you have pajamas, wear them only at night. The most tempting of all work-from-home perks is the loungewear factor. Though I must tell you, they still run fire drills in the daylight at apartment complexes, the Fedex guy likes to knock around 2 p.m., and there are a handful of last minute emergencies that require getting somewhere in a hurry- including the time I had to rush missy to the vet nearly in my skivvies. None of these did me any justice and I was tired of answering the question of, “home sick?”
  • This is an ideal situation if you have mono. It’s true, sleeping ten hours a night and then stopping for a two hour nap mid-afternoon can only be facilitated if you are able to manage your own schedule. So hold off on getting the kissing disease until you have ‘all the time in the world.’ Probably don’t want to leave your windows open like I did. “Really, that girl is sleeping again?”
  • You will accept anyone as a friend. Remember when you used to have boundless bits of energy, always wanting to get together with your friends and do something fun? Waiting for any kind of human interaction for over nine hours means trips to the local Wal-Mart, mailbox, and gas station are virtual happy hours. I have made friends with plenty a salesperson when seeking companionship outside of my square footage.
  • Being out in the middle of the day means you have kids. After giving my email address to a local retailer that included my first and last name, she asked, “names of your daughters I assume?” Bam. What are you doing? It’s 3:30 in the afternoon. Either you should be at work or you should be picking up your kids. Sigh.

One thought on “The beak that won’t stop & other at-home treasures

  1. I am cracking up reading this because I too work from home and have experienced every one thing you outlined above! How about the inability to fight the urge to use the restroom while on a conference call? The mute button is a beautiful thing..


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