Fort Worth Zoo: Birdkeeper
There it was, my destiny. I began daydreaming, wondering about the availability, and even urged myself to call the Zoo and inquire as to whether the job had been filled or not. As if I wasn’t going batty enough with one bird in the apartment, I was entertaining the idea of feeding 500+ birds off of tiny honey-coated sesame sticks and wiping down their excrements in the hot summer sun. There I would stand, surrounding by all my feathered friends, diving and flying around me, their protector. I would form relationships with a Fred, a Harris, and an Isabelle. I would know them each by name and tell visiting children all about their orange cheeks and festive dancing. I would fend them off from biting my nose ring but would allow them to peck at my hair. I would take lunch breaks with Sally who oversaw the hippos and Meredith from Gorillas. I would revel in God’s creation and make bird calls to my hearts content. I would smell like sewage everyday when I left but… I would have a purpose.
And this fantasy is what made me realize that perhaps I needed to look for a new job. Not that I didn’t love the jobs I held, but that it was (organically) time for something new. A week went by and I called to see if the job was still available. It wasn’t. Some other young girl is living out my bird-babysitting fantasy. Praise God for unanswered prayers.

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