The Tooth

This tooth, more than any other fixture around my office, has brought me so much joy. Here I am at the stoplight, about to veer left and turn into the parking lot, and I get to see Tony the Tooth taking a break. It was hot, probably 95 degrees, and I worry about that tooth every time the sun is out. But on this day, I worried a little more. He was hunched over, arms dangling, porcelain touching grass. He was the most discouraging tooth I’ve ever seen.
Unlike his counterpart, the Black Crow who dances across the street, he doesn’t get nearly as much action. Dental care isn’t sexy, nor is a tooth meant to command the crowds. In fact, the rival clinic with the rainbow hot air balloon look-like is only about 200 feet away, making the tooth an invisible cheerleader in a world of ho-hum services.
I’ve never been of clear understanding about the dress-up characters. The Liberty Bank statue, the Chick-Fil-A cow…all they do is make me uncomfortable, especially when gyrating around wearing earbuds. A funky cow doesn’t make me want to eat chicken, nor does seeing a reminder of freedom make me think of my taxes. Seeing this tooth makes me worry about the acrobatics that might be going on inside the dental clinic.
I flashed my pearly whites as I turned the corner and hoped the tooth missed me taking his photograph.

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