Valentines with The Nest

It’s almost that time of year again…Valentines! I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on a V-Day rant that I actually sent to last year right at this time. You can see the cropped screen clip below, and the subsequent email I sent to the editor….

Hey Samantha!

I usually enjoy the content in these newsletters, but just had to ask what on earth was going on with the love life of the person who sent this one out? Almost every topic is so negative, it doesn’t seem like you’re promoting healthy marriages, but instead causing doubt and suspicion by sending out these ridiculous articles, not to mention the really uplifting images of different couples in a fight from one heck of a photo shoot. I do find this hilarious and hope you don’t take this offensively, but mercy, someone has just been cheated on over there. It’s Valentines Day Week for crying out loud! Looking forward to more uplifting content in the months ahead!

In Summary for the Month of Love:
“6 signs he’s lying”
“5 secrets all women keep from their spouses”
“Are you a dirty fighter?”
“How to avoid making the #1 Relationship mistake-find out what you could be doing that could ruin your relationship”
“Get out of your dinner rut. Chicken….again?”

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