Lessons in Abstinence

As a product of a (mostly) public school system, I have endured my fair share of crafty lessons in safe relations with the opposite sex. Of course, all of this came much later in my life, seeing as my mom was one of maybe two mothers in the course of the schools history to pull me from 7thgrade “health class” based on the content.
But my teachers found a way over time to reinforce the vigorous message of waiting until marriage, regardless of all of the ‘safe’ contraptions or practices our young bodies could adopt.
Case 1:
I was sitting in an 8th grade wellness class, when our teacher shared this story.
There once was a young and newly-engaged couple who went over to the girl’s parents house. The parents were about to leave for a dinner engagement that would last several hours. The young couple knew that they weren’t allowed to be left alone in her parent’s house until marriage. The parents anticipated that the couple would leave just after they left for dinner. So, the mom asked that the daughter please start the washing machine on their way out, that way she could finish the load upon returning from her dinner.
As soon as the parents left, the young couple deviously decided to seize the moment, disobeying her parent’s rule of not being alone in the house. When both her and her fiancé had undressed, she remembered her mother’s request to start the washing machine. Not wanting to blow her cover by delaying the start of the machine (and thus indicating they did not actually leave the house when advised to do so), she and her fiancé went to the laundry room in the buck to get the load started. But just as she flipped on the light, a huge “surprise!” emitted from a crowd of family and friends. Yes, it was a surprise engagement party. There they stood, naked, in front of everyone they held dear.
No modern form of contraception could have helped this. Just wait.

Image from Very Noice

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