Lessons in Abstinence Part II

You can catch the first part here. I won’t waste your time with any intro prep.
Case 2:
I was in a high school science class when the teacher somehow got a little off topic and embarked on this number.
A few years back, a couple of high school juniors from a neighboring school in our district decided to play hooky during third period. Given that this was a block-scheduling school, that would mean about just after lunchtime. The amorous couple decided to add a little adventure via a rustic edge into their relationship, and made their way to a nearby field. In Kansas they are pretty easy to come by. They wandered into the middle of the field to engage in some hanky panky. Sheltered by blades of wheat, they were buffered from trouble.
It just so happened that another student also played hooky that day. Except, he went to a nearby field to go four-wheeling.
And that’s how the girl with no pants and a broken hip ended up in the hospital.
Yet another way I learned to keep my zipper tight.
Image from here.

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