Lessons in Cheating

There are plenty of reasons one might avoid cheating in any relationship they are in. But none hold quite as much esteem in my novel of reasons than this one.
A girlfriend of mine told me this story about her friend/cousin (this is likely the only detail that eludes me). For now, I’ll reference him as a friend, just to keep the distance.
Her friend was getting married. His soon-to-be wife had, er, not quite been faithful. It was the kind of thing that evolved from a Panic! At the Disco’s “I write sins not tradgedies” soundtrack. She had erroneously cheated on her fiancé with none other than one of the groomsmen. Can we all applaud for this one? Nothing like getting close to the fire.
Anyhow, only a couple of people knew about the incident as (surprise) these things tend to be kept pretty hush hush. The groom had decided that he loved her still and wanted to go through with the marriage. They got married.
At the reception, just after the first set of traditional rights-of-passage, the groom got up to give a toast to the audience. The groom came from an exceptionally wealthy family, so when he announced he had a surprise for the group, they got excited imagining the possible party favors. He requested them all to reach under their chairs and open the envelope. Inside was a photograph he had a detective take of his (now) wife and the groomsman.
Shock and awe followed quickly thereafter. He left alone for their honeymoon. He had gone through with the wedding specifically for the public humiliation at the reception and the hassle of the divorce.
Stay faithful, everyone!
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